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When I read any book, I scribble my comments / notes in the margins

These reflect my views / opinions about what the author is saying – including my disagreement

Often, my comments are in the nature of telling myself :

Hey ! We should try out this idea in our own business ( Head-hunting / Online Recruitment )



Page no. xi

·         We aggregate job –advts from only 3jobsites (thru RSS feeds), It is a very shaky foundation for customize resume.

Page no. xii

·         2 days back Google enabled FREE phone calls within USA from its G- MAIL. And 2 cents for calls to Europe

Page no. xiv

·         Google was launched in mid-1998.

·         We had launched 3p jobs.com on 14 Nov. 1997.  

·         And I think, Naukri.com was launched 6 months earlier.

Page no. 5

·         From the day we launched our page “Google loves us” (- some 3 months back), it has stayed in TOPS results (out of 20 odd million), if you type this phrase in Google. For last couple of weeks, it (our site) is at No.1 position!

Page no. 7

·         If we were to go for (Ad words) each some revenue.

 Page no. 9

·         I don`t know if, before me, any one thought of enabling employers to upload their vacancy/job advts using a mobile phone, but if NOT, then “Mobile classified” that I conceptualized yesterday, could fall in this category

·         For job seekers, Advts are vital info. 

·         This is precisely the basis for “Mobile classifieds”

·         Just finish my second reading today. First reading was in Ag: 2006.

Page no. 10

·         If they take to “mobile classifieds,” 30 million Indian SMS (Google), will be creating content

·         Will employers stop advertising in print media, if they find that FREE classified (mobile) gives better response from candidates? Too early to say.

  Page no. 12

·         We have in our lib.

·         Does craigslist enable uploading of classifieds from mobile?

·         I should chock-out. Checked. Could not find. To post an ad, one has to select from a set of “options” which may not be possible on a mobile.

Page no. 13

·         Companies releasing “classifieds” in Times of India and other major newspapers, may be, no more then 25000-and mostly located in metros. Thru “mobile classifieds” I want 30 million SMES to be able to reach-out to jobseekers.

·         Copy writers. Mobile phones are now used by even carpenters& vegetable vendors

Page no. 15

·         It has now 500 m users & last week got valued at $ 33 bill

Page no. 16

·         Google`s mobile so android based handsets reached 18% market share in 2009.

Page no. 17

·         Nice, N. M. Desai said the same thing to me re: L&T.

Page no. 28

·         We have his book on Google

Page no. 30

·         I spent a day in belt more in 1988 or 1989, visiting Ashok Meghan.


Page no. 36

·         Around the time I had started planning for 3p jobs.

Page no. 38

·         We uploaded “job Alert on Mobile” page on 25th evening on 26th morning, when I typed this phrase in Google, it returned some 34.8 million pages, with customize at rank#35 of course, no had visited that page during night but that “rank” had something to do with the Quantity (and quality) of incoming links to customize Resume which were 23,380 links.

Page no. 56

·         Goethe, Research Manager at HP Lab India, was clear that marketing of JAM would be our responsibility-But if JAM proves to be popular application- based on their technology, there is a remote possibility that HP Lab. “endorses” JAM and indirectly help to “promote” it.

Page no. 58

·         Many years ago (1975?) H. Holck – Larsen, once told me (coming down the hill from lunch cottage), parekh, you know, one of the best benefit that we provide to our workers is a highly subsidized lunch.”

·         He was the first, to use the word “Information superltighway”

Page no. 65

·         If Customize Resume, someday, manages to get traffic, it would have, at least, 2 methods to earn revenue, viz:

·         Ad sense (I think, this will come first)

·         “pay- per–click” for registered employers

·         (as explained in detail in Global Recruiter.net)

·         We would consider Ad sense, when, we have, at least 1000 visitors (~ 5000 page views) per day to introduce “pay-per-click,” we need to first accumulate

·         100,ooo jobseekers

·         1000 jobseekers/day

·         100 recruiters/day



Page no. 66

·         JAM too can be looked upon as a kind of “digital democracy.” If will make job-alerts available to millions of jobseekers in villages/small towns of India where Internet does not reach as of now. JAM could well become their “FIRST” encounter with internet (-may be without realizing). HP Labs Task let will enable them to pull job alerts from customize Resume, even on a low-end non –GPRS phone.

·         BUT, none of this will happen unless they “SUBMIT RESUME” thru a PC/Internet connection!!

·         his will require them to visit a nearly cyber café, at least once, in the beginning. If they do, JAM will, give them a “level playing find” viz-a –viz the city based jobseekers, in mater of using online jobsite to find jobs & apply.

·         As of this month, Apple has started selling VIDEOS@ 99 cents from I Tune.

Page no. 67

·         Question that puzzles me is:

·         Why is there so little awareness about searching & applying against jobs from mobile, despite the BIG3 having this application for over a year? Is that they want the jobseekers to “VISIT” their websites again & again, using PC/internet, to show huge traffic? Or for some other reasons?

Page no. 68

·         I first time, went to USA on A Sept. 1955. At no.of causes, I punched cards, which, when processed, would enable an IBM 1401, to instruct a printer to print my name!

Page no. 72

·         Not only it did, with its own search engine msn.com but, about 2 yrs back, changed  name to bing.com and even “copied” Google`s homepage looks, with just a single search bar but beautiful/changing landscapes!

·         In last 2yrs, BING`s share of searches have climber from, under 10% to over20%!

Page no. 73

·         And even its own operating system, ANDRID, which is giving tough competition to MS.

Page no. 88

·         We are getting RSS feeds from3 sites now but it is a dangerous dependence.


Page no.89

·         Since, at this stage, we have no way to change anything at all (per click or otherwise), I plan to lure “small businesses.” To advertise their job-vacancies, by offering “SIMPLICITY” of uploading from their mobiles as SMS.  And since businesses will be uploading Advs. all thru out the day.  We may someday even manage to PUSH job-alerts to different candidates threw out the day JAB job Alert Broad cast

Page no.91

·         Provided the website has a lot of traffic! Some of which gets tempted click on those ads.

Page no. 92

·         On its own website when a visitor clicks on any Ad word advts, Google keeps the entire revenue for itself, but when somebody clicks on it, then Google would “share” the revenue earned with the site owner. When a small business uploads on our site, a vacancy advts from his mobiles, we are not “earning” anything from any body and have nothing to “share.” BUT I still want that Advts to get “published” on all type of media why would any media “oblige” me?

Page no. 93

·         If print-media (newspapers) were to “stream” such advts from customize resume on a daily basis (same way JAS did in world-wide-jobs) and publish, they might get more readership-and greater circulation. In turn, greater circulation may bring them more Ad Revenue for different types of Ads. Although plausible, I wonder if they will “buy” this logic!

·         What about TV channels? Will they agree to publish ads “streamed” from our site? Will it help them make more money? I believe TATA SKY DTH has an exclusive channel for jobs-for which, have tied-up with Naukri or Monster.

·         To their DTH subscriber they change Rs.30-45 per month to access this channel –but no possibly to “Apply online” (obviously)!

Page no. 101

·         Job Advts aggregating portals such as simply hired/Bide etc. collect “links” and send a jobseeker to those sites, when he clicks on any link not much benefit, if jobseeker wants to “Apply online.” He must have submitted resume on each site AND much log in. this is where we differ enabling jobseeker to Apply against any advts directly from our site! No need to go back & forth!!


 Page no. 102

·         Uploading of vacancy classifieds, from mobile phones may never amount to “greatest business ever invented.” But it can start a new trend. Q= why only vacancy classifieds? It could be any service. Or even “buy/sell” like Amazon or e-bay!

·         Today, I sent to Rohan, a note about this.

·         If lots of SMEs start uploading vacancy Ads from their mobiles, it will after “classifieds” revenue of newspapers.

Page no. 110

·         If “Mobile classifieds” click big way, then this would also become true about customize resume. We would face competition, not only from Naukri Monster, Times jobs (job portals) but also from Time of India/Hindu/statesman/DNA/Dainik Bhasker/ Hindustan Times.

·         I PO was in 2004!!

·         I Suppose Google`s op system “Android would work seam Lesley across

·         Mobile phones

·         PCs

·         TVs

·         Tablets

·         Each will have an IP address from which “searches” will be conducted (-and user-info get stored by Google servers)-and each will deliver search results.

Page no. 115

·         For some years now, I have viewed my “mission” as taking job-related info to every jobseeker in India`s farthest corner and giving him/her a level playing field with city-based jobseekers.

·         I hope JAM becomes the first step.

·         And pad tablets PC.

Page no. 122

·         In my library there is a book on steganography, titled “Hiding in plain sight.”

·         Read Battelle’s “search” in which he describes Google searches as “database of    Intentions” 


Page no. 123

·         Since I plan to keep “Mobile classifieds” free, we will not be benefitting financially ourselves-although print media may lose their revenue if mobile classifieds become wildly popular.

·         In Mobile classifieds every ad will be perfectly matched to the candidates & delivered on their mobiles

Page no. 125

·         If you want to publish a small classified advts in Times of India, you must type it and carry it to nearest collation depot, with cash! This was “the way” some years back. I don`t know if they have improved. If they have not changed, then our “mobile classifieds” could prove a big hit.

Page no. 132

·         For many job/resume/recruitment/placement related search terms, Recruit Guru figures on 1st page (when searched from “Mumbai”), because of our registration on “Google places”

·         This incidence is also described by other of books on Google.

Page no. 145

·         Does this (observation) re-in force what we are attempting in JAM? India has, one of the most SMS in all the time. They are “engaged” with SMS. Will we be able to “capture” them thru JAM?

·         Will they “JAM” not because they are looking for jobs but because JAMMING involves SMS-ing? Will they want to “interact with recruiters just because they can do so, in a manner which is “second nature” to them?

Page no. 146

·         How many of 500 million Facebook users, share with their friends, jobs/interview related info? NO idea-but apparently they do. How can we encourage them to share with their experience with JAM? If they do, that can start a buzz.

Page no. 147

·         Will these youngsters “view” JAM as some kind of a game? What can we dope to make JAM appear as a “game”?

Page no. 148

·         Just before dotcom bubble burst.


Page no. 149

·         2 Days back; Steve jobs unveiled a $99 set-up box for Apply TV, which can download/rent “videos/movies” from Tune.

·         That could re-write the story of Apply TV. But Google TV is not on the heels.

·         After launching 7 job portals in last 12 yrs, I could say the same about myself!

·         Where I spent 2 semesters before being thrown out for failing!

Page no. 150

·         I think I have registered but never visited again!

Page no. 151

·         Jobseekers all over India (Including remotest comers) want job info, but most have no PC/Internet access. But nearly all have low-end mobiles Hopefully JAM will deliver to them, job-related info on their mobiles, whenever they want. of course, they will need PC/Internet once in the beginning to submit their resume.

Page no.  152

·         when I launched world-wide –job on jan 25, 2005 (the day of my bypass operation), I had to struggle for I Year to sign-up BSNL/MTNL/Reliance & Airtel, to ”distribute” my content, (job alerts) thru their SMS Gateways. But they never looked upon WWJ/JAM as an opportunity

·         Page no. 153
last month, Google figured out (a s/w algorithm) from the metatarsi (?) what was each video about. Now they are ready to place “relevant” advts next to each video, when it plays.

·         Even now some users are uploading video clips from popular movies! You Tube is defending those as “snippets” under “fair use” of copyright Act.

Page no. 154

·         2 days back Google announced “priority Inbox” feature for G-mail. This will enable Google to collect lot of data on “who” emails to “whom” and “what” & “why” and who likes to receive emails from whom and not from whom!

·         Another attempt at compiling world`s “Data base of Intention”

·         Apparently no one can stop or overtake Google in this respect.

Page no. 160

·         On Internet, entry barrier is very is low. other day, on BBC`s “click” program, I head CEO of “Group on. Com” mention that within 2years of their launch, some 500 copycat websites don`t have a monopoly. No one can have monopoly of internet of course if the first mover gets huge response AND capitalizes on this, by ramping up real fast, then it can continue to get a large share of market. This must be remembered in relation to JAM and mobile classifieds.

Page no. 161

·         This was my logic while offering FREE JAS (Advts summary) to newspapers, thru world-wide-jobs. I plan to introduce this once again in customize Resume Newspapers which opted for JAS were mostly small town papers. But why restrict JAS to newspapers? It is only to TV channels? To other websites? To mobile classifieds? Prove   popular; we will make a serious effort.

Page no.163

·         Will our JAM strike a familiar chord with the “hip hop”?

·         Can job-advts be uploaded on you tube? With job ID & customize Resume.com at bottom? Or with instructions JAM- Alert- job ID? Can these be uploaded on twitter? We will need to experiment.

Page no. 164

·         If JAM proves popular, maybe we can persuade many smaller (smaller than Naukri/Times jobs) jobsites to allow us to stream their job-advts, in return for displaying their name/URL as “source.”

Page no. 165

·         But on other hand if “JAM + mobile classifieds com proves popular, we should consider

Ø  Enabling hundreds of small job portals to “stream” job-advts posted on our site thru “mobile classifieds. Along with each Add we will also give 1. Company name 2. Company Email ID. 

Ø  Next we help them with creating their own Task lets

Ø  Help them do proper match- marking & creating “my job Alert” pages for candidates registered with them.

·         Now, if their candidates pull alerts and then the SME who posted his “mobile classified” on our site will start getting resumes from many jobsites!! And within hours. He should be the efficiency of “mobile classifieds.” A buzz may start. Is this a “strategy” or “wishful Thinking?”

Page no. 167

·         At least in countries like India, where there is poor penetration of internet & print newspapers, many more people are getting their “News” TV than ever before, because TV is penetrating rural India rapidly will “mobile classifieds” accelerate this trend?


Page no. 168

·         Just as today, Google uses Ad words to place the most relevant (to user`s search) advts next to the search-results online, will it someday “determine” what is the most “relevant” advts to each “news-story in a print media newspaper and insert those relevant advts next to those stories, as each news-paper is getting “composed” online, prior to getting printed? E.g.:

·         Next to a story to a bike –rider getting hit on the head, an advts for helmet

·         Next to a story on cricket, an advts for “cricket Bats/balls”

·         Next to a story on an upcoming residential complex, an advt. for a Builder /Developer/ cements I suppose this is a matter of time.

Page no. 169

·         The blog which I drafted today reads. Poor Mr. Seidenberg! He got paid only $ 820for every employee he laid off!

·         (In 2009, his total compensatran has $ 17.5 million and in same period, he laid of 23,100 employees.

Page no. 171

·         Now there are 500 million

Page no. 172

·         We imagine the buzz it may create if some of these youngsters start sharing their “experience” about JAM!

Page no. 174

·         May be around 1998, I received an email from Database click, for placing advts (banners) on 3p jobs.com –or was it for exchanging links?

·         I just signed-up for Ad sense. Let us see the results.

Page no. 180

·         Once IPVS is launched each TV will have unique IP address (-and, of course, each mobile phone too). Soon, we will have a Google Transport Ad to place/display Ads on sides of public transport buses! Each bus will have huge TV screens (paper thin) on both sides, which will have its own IP addresses and will be connected to Internet. As bus passes local shops/restaurants/banks/hospitals etc., their ads will flash on sides of the bus.

·         This may happen in 5 years.

Page no. 181

·         A small 25 word classifieds in times of India would cost Rs. 5000/= for one insertion. Shelf life = one day. Small shop owners just cannot afford that kind of money. Mobile classifieds will be their answer.

·         We too will deliver a shop owner’s mobile classifieds will be their answer.

·         We too will deliver a shop owners mobile classifieds within hours.

Page no. 182

·         Including “hoardings” along the roads & highways, which today, display the “painted” advts for days on end soon, these will all be electronic with each having own IP address and Google deciding what ads to display on these and for how long based on who are all the people driving on that highway and what and what “searches” they have conducted online!! Google will be omnipresent!

·         Typing “Google loves us” (in Google, of course), places our website at #1 position (out of 22.4 million).

Page no.183

·         I think when we launch “Mobile classified” we could get (with proper publicity), many thousands of SMEs as may like its “self-serve” model.

·         What does bother me is why Google twice rejected my registration for Ad sense in last 4 days-by saying “content of our site is not suitable”! Beats me!

Page no. 184

·         At present, our “matchmaking” of job-advts with candidate’s resumes is quite crude, but once we put into place our “Recommendation system” it will get far more precise relevant.

Page no.189

·         To being, we will compile data about who (candidate) is he “applying” –and next, which companies are calling him for interview/ which co. makes him a job after & which company he joins, we will need to modify IIT  and persuaders recruiters to use it. Last week I saw a cartoon of “Google’s apart ments view peeping in to people’s bedroom.

Page no = 190

·         But indirectly they do “assist” authors of recommended books!

Page no = 193

·         Rad my notes on indiarecuriter / times travel!

·         Al must like! Thru JAM, we will deliver job- ads on mobiles will that builder a “relationship” with job-seekers? It may provide we track his “Apply” & history & learn to predict what ads he will like!

Page no = 195

·         But I resume, that would be the “last 18 months “at each point of time! Meaning “delete” data for 1 months as to “add” for another months!! Nearly the same thing!

Page no = 202

·         I just finished reading an article in FORBES magazine (March 2010) re: - who will succeed A.M. naik (L&T) whom he retires in March 2012. It mentions CFO Deousthalee as a potential successor; I have known YMD for many Years, Butt IA a very different L&T   now.

Page no = 204

·         Within 1 year markets share of smartphones based on Android so, went up from 1.2 % nearly 18/ % in 2009.

Page no = 206

·         It may or may not but without traffic it most certainly will not, JAM!  Is all about “portable access” to internet based job- advts,

Page no = 208

·         Once again this is the rationale behind JAM in world-wide-jobs we were dependent upon sms gateways proving by mobile service providers. JAM will work on any hardware hand set and software mobile so and for any mobile service provider, JAM will be “open-source”  I think the same way 300 million  current “non consumers” of job-ads will suddenly become consumers !

Page no = 209

·         Portal based job-advts are “online”. We will “extends” these two mobile devise (phones / tablets / notebooks, / But since Naukri / times /monster already after job- alerts on mobiles. Why there hardly any buzz? Why are BIG3 not fiercely competing for dominance? 

·         Yesterday Google instant” search which will predict your search as you start showing relents advert. Google instant will be extended to mobile devices as per announcement.

Page no = 210

·         Already 30 Indian mobile handset manufactures are “cloning” Motorola / nokia / Samsung/ Blackberry etc. and offering equivalent models at half the price Micromax ( of India ) is releasing  a new model every weeks.