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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 21 October 2020




When I read any book, I scribble my comments / notes in the margins

These reflect my views / opinions about what the author is saying – including my disagreement

Often, my comments are in the nature of telling myself :

Hey ! We should try out this idea in our own business ( Head-hunting / Online Recruitment )

Following are my comments re :



Page NO 08

·         We did the same

Page no 09

·         Suppose we failed to get the journalists to notice 3pjobs.

·         3pjobs was landmark on 14 nov 1997

Page no 10

·         This is true all successful website may be the root cause of their success.

·         Recruit guru too would!

Page no 12

·         What is holiday us back

Page no 13

·         This was around the time we time we prepared an exhaustive BUSINESS PLAN and retain KPMG to find a VC – they could not.

·         This IS what keeps recruit guru going since last 12 years.

·         Once you accept VC funds, the pressure to grow & make profits, is enormous developing an innovative website. Can no more remain a hobby?

Page no 14

·         Losing focus?

·         I just could not think of burdening Nirmit with such a scenario!

Page no 15

·         May be graphical/ visual / analytical / resumes is an idea ahead of its time.

·         JAM/ RAM to be delivered on 3G smart phones will have to wait till 3G becomes de afoot standard in India.

·         This would have killed me.

Page no 16

·         For most entrepreneurs this period is just a few months!

·         May be all the websites that I developed over the last 12 years ( 7 in all) ,were to keep me mentally active / occupied .of course all of this activity cost quite a lot of money and would not have been positive without 3p subsidizing these “innovations”.

·         ALL innovations need somebody / some other source of earing, to subsidize it.And very few entrepreneurs have such support (for long enough) to survive, till he is a financial “success”

·         But “keeping me busy” cost X rupees / month making it a “Enterprprennal ventur”would cast

·         10X rupees / month – a risk, I was not prepared to undertake at my age. In 1997, Sanjeev was may be 33 years old –but I was 66 years old!!

Page no 17

·         EG: Recruit guru .com & world – wide jobs .com

·         Together, cost (may be, RS 25 LAKHS).

Page no 21

·         Priya our latest recruit (s/w developer trainee).Joined one moths back for Rs 8000/= p.m. And within 1month she is showing good promise.

Page no 22

·         I started 3p in April 1990.

·         To start 3p, deposited Rs. 3000/- & opened an on 14 Feb 1990  

·         I hired Suresh (D/E operator) 2 months later.

 Page No 23

·         My first office was maybe 30 sq.ft. and carried tea from home in a thermos & washed my cup in a common sink. After retiring as GM (powai) this was difficult where my office was 300 sq. fit & lunch got served on, my table! 

·         Brick & motor head hunting does not seem so.

Page no 32

·         He looks some courses, when I a Headed TIER-I Management Development Program of IIM –A, AT Agra, around 1966- for 5 weeks.

Page no 34   

·         I have worked with him closely when he was a consultant to L&T for re- organization around 1982/85 see my notes addressed to him.

·         EX-chairmen of HLL.

Page no 42

·         When, as DGM (personnel), I used to lead a team of managers, to IIM-A for campus Interviews.

·         Prof of computer science. He did a bit of consulting for L&T

Page no 43

·         When I purchased 12 pc (at Rs 1 lakh each) for LTIT.

Page no 44

·         “Linear Programming” was the fashion in those day.

·         I got resi-phone at Shivaji Park after a 7 year wait! 455095 around 1966.

Page no 45

·         My first appointment of Mr.Sharma in swastik products, fetched me RS. 2000/= ( 1 month’s salary ) in May 1990 that that covered the office rent!

Page no 46

·         I think Pankaj madia’s ABACUS software was first preliberalization.

Page no 47

·         As it in case of ROYAL HARBLES IN 1984/85.


·         For us, online job portals run into hundred in India alone these were one of the first internet gassed e-commerce sites. BY now, competition is strong. Market is well – served. But, we plan to cane a niche with our unique features .

·         we too are trying to do things different by.

·         Insight  

·         Same month when Naukri was launched.

Page no 61

·         13 weeks in to the launched, customize Resume has 1004 job seekers & 36 corporates seems like a good beginning.

·         But in deep trouble, today.

Page no 63

·         In customizing of resumes, we are trying what no one has done befog, anywhere in the world.

Page no 64

·         I suppose customize world work equally well for jobseekers & recruiters in any part of world.

·         We are at this stage.

Page no 65

·         For me & my team, 12 yrs., of developing 7 jobprotals could be thought of as Foundation Unfortunately all 3 current team members are 2 yrs., 1½ yrs.,1 month with me!! So the learning & experience “is last.

·         In last few months, there was a talk of “sellout.”     



Page no 67

·         My first job at MIDCO (1958-59) did give me a lot of “exposure” but even switchgear factory of l & T was small in 1959 and petrol pump manufacture was only a part.

Page No.69

·         3p jobs .com was launched just 6/7 months after Naukri.in the next 2/3 years, there were dozens of jobprotals. But in each of our portal we tried to do thing “differently” e.g.: 

o    World-Wide-Jobs to do thing -job alerts on mobiles

o    RecruitGuru.com - parsing of text resumes   

o    India Recruiter – generating “function profile.”

o    Customize Resume –creating “versions” of profile.

Page no 71

·         3P is at Rs. 6 Cr. After 20 Yrs.

Page no 72

·         Some 30 yrs. Ago, ESSAR bought a second hand sponge iron plant in Europe & got L&T to dismantle ship @rect it at Hazira. This was the beginning of ESSAR’S steel Business.

Page no 74

·         No one knows how many TONs of MONEY Sharad Pawar (current Agriculture minister)made by making DUTY FREE.

·         Million ton is lying in godowns at kandla port right now! For last 6 months imports (incl. Renuka) are waiting for prices to go up before releasing in the market! Current price is approx. Rs- 45/- kg up 50% in last 6 months!!

Page 83

·         What happened to us when retained KPMG to find a VC funding in 2001- after the DOTCOM bust. 

Thursday, 15 October 2020




When I read any book, I scribble my comments / notes in the margins

These reflect my views / opinions about what the author is saying – including my disagreement

Often, my comments are in the nature of telling myself :

Hey ! We should try out this idea in our own business ( Head-hunting / Online Recruitment )

Following are my comments re :


Page No 4  

·         OPEC ministers are, today meeting in Geneva to reach agreement on QUOTA’s upper limited on oil production by countries.

·         What Naukri /monster/time’s jobs are doing.

 Page No 7                                                                                                    

·      In India, over the past 2 years, this has come down form RS.8 TO RS.5 per kWh.

 Page No 8

·         Store-dot.com {Israel} has developed on automobile battery that con believes change in 5 minutes {200 labour charges}.

 Page No 9                   

·         What Elon musk is trying with his power wall battery packs?

Page No 10

·         Today’s newspaper carries report about Mumbai Municipality, going in for 3D maps of the city.

Page No 12

·         Today paper says ground solar power plant of Infosys {6.6 mw} is producing power at. Rs 2.8/kwh (averaged over next 20 years) by end 2018 Infosys plans to product all its energy using solar.

·         Read my Blogs:-

o   Sun is the Solution

o   Unlimited Power and around the Clock

Page No 13

·         ADANI group just announced they will build a 1500 MW solar plant in Australia by end 2018 just 2 year vs. for similar size coat based plant.

·         Like the story of Ahi-Ravana & Mahi Ravana.

Page No 20

·         By sept 2016, India’s installed solar power capacity 8626 MW (8.6GW) and plan to go up to 100 GW BY 2022 [i.e. .91 GW in 6 years} I.e. 15 GW Per year}



Page No 24

·         To reach 100 GW by 2022 (from current 8.6 GW ), India would need to cold 15GW year for next 6 years.

·         Last week purchased by Elon Musk {TESLA}

Page No 26

·         Went up to& 49 per barrel, of few OPES agreement yesterday to cut output by 1.4 billion barrels/day.

Page No 27

·         Many [High-end] homes in India use “Piped Gas” for cooking. Rest of the city-folks use “Bottled LPG” for cooking. Indian Villages still burn coal or wood for cooking.  It seems quite likely that Indian Village will “Bypass” the “Gas-cooking” era and go straight to cooking with power produced from solar!!

Page No 32

·         Infosys installation has reached.

·         India plans to add 100GW [100,000MW] in 6 years (i.e.16000 new per year)

Page No 34

·         2 weeks back , Elon Musk,  launched roof -top tiles which are basically SOLAR PANELS!!

·         That is disruption at work!! No need for separate installation of PV panels.

·         In 12 months new homes in USA will boast this.

Page No 35

·         These “Tiles” will [Perhaps], eliminate those “soft costs” (permission + installation + taxes + maintenance) associated with “stand Alone” PV panels.

Page No 36

·         Read my blog: Unlimited Power: and round the clock? 

Page No 36

·         I believe, India commissomend one 650 a few weeks ago.

Page No 42

·         Birth idea for Credit Card?


Page No 55

·         In India, Fix Deposits [FD] yield 5% -8% returns, so no individual will invest in a solar project that pays, less than 6% unless it is BALCK MONEY cash, lying in a locker!

Page No 58

·         Approx.  70paise /KWH.

Page No 78

·         Infosys commissioned its 606 MW plant a few weeks back and plan to change over to solar. Completely by 2018. ADANI put-up world’s largest solar plant [650mw] , A few weeks work and plan to generate 10,000 mw by 2022 (10% OF 100GW)

PAGE No 79

·         Read my blog “sun-our “[the new sos]”

Page No 81

·         Yesterday Way MO dropped prices of its LIDAR by 90%!      

Page No 89

·         Read my blog “Back Factory of the world?”

Page No 91

·         By 2022, India’s coal based power plants are expected to have a utilization of just 48%! Their unviability threshold is 52% so most will shut down!!

Page No 92

·         Similarly, India will bypass the “Credit/Debit Card” ERA, and jump to mobile wallet ERA by 2020.

·         What happened in India?

Page No 93

·         Read my blog Unlimited Power & Round The Clock? 29 July 2016.

Page No 106

·         All of this is fine, it the charging stations [For those electric car batterers], get there power from SOLAR  Plants.  If they continue to get from fossil fuel plant, quite a lot of advance is lost.



Page No 108

·         Ho charging stations! Or just different: “type”  (induction) of charging in an otherwise “Normal / standard “ charging station?

Page No 112

·         Point out to tony.

Page No 118

·         Absorbing in a car priced at 30000/-

o   15000 ( for petrol ) or

o   1500 ( for electricity)

Page No 121

·         April 2016: Google result says: Tesla’s currant battery cost is 150-200/kWh. Competed to reach 100/ kWh [2017]

Page No. 122

·         Cell production started last week 19/01/2017

·         70mw rooftop solar inaugurated last week.

Page no 123

·         Eco times [14 Jan 2017], talks of

o   super charger station, charging tesla cars in 30 mints to give 274 km range.

o   1600 km /year FREE charge, each year.

o   120 for a trip LA to NY

·         Already reached 100/ kWh!!

Page No 124

·         In April 2016 tesla got advance booking for 400,000/[Model 3]Cars @ $1000 each [costing 35000]I.E Advance of 400 MILLION order work 14 billion.

·         Already reached 100 kWh by 2017 Jan.

·         Tesla already reached $100 in 2017Jan

Page No 127

·         In Jan 2017, it has! Except that tesla model 3, (incorporating that battery ) will start delivery, in Jan 2018!!

·         120 for a 4500 kWh trip from LA TO NY! (Approx.rs 8000/-) In India, that trip would cost RS -45000 in Land Rover!

·         Reached 7 years earlier!

·         My be 2017 will see a mad scramble by all car mfre

·         Anand Mahindra followers tony Saba!

Page No. 131

·         Read book; what is mine is yours!

Page No 137

·         Many such cars were displayed at las Vegas, CES ( Consumer Electronic show)  last week. There was even a drone, capable of flying ONE passengers ( cum one pilot)  frame chines co.

·         Uber loss does not expect “driver less cars” driving on Indian Roads! [From a recent TV interview].

Page No 143

·         Last month, Google subsidiary WayMo, dropped price of its LIDAR devices, by 90% 

·         From $75000 to $7500 ( for Top of range.)

Page No 147

·         Like mobile phone manufactures who are already ‘LOCKED IN” using Android OS!

·         Who had their own “Private/ Proprietary “ O/S.

Page No 148

·         Since Anand Mahindra is a fan of Tony Sera he must have realized this!

Page No 155

·         Read my today’s blog on Facebook:

o    “Universal Basic income “[or undisputed Bad Idea?]

Page No 164

·         The only once reported in Medicare

o   3 miles is land

o   Cherno by

o   Fukushima

Page No 168

·         In a TV interview yesterday,  CEO of a clean energy co. MASDAR city [near Dubai] said there latest SOLAR installation gives elcrotrocity   for 2.59 cents /kWh!!


Page No 177                                                                                                                                                      

·         Oil prices are hovering around $50-55 per barrel, for last couple of years. This has benefited India-and NDA government. Which came in to power in MAY 2014?

Page No 178

·         Industry experts do not expect this to go beyond $ 60 in next 12 months.

Page No 180

·         I Sat up 3P in April 1990 in a 60 sq. fit office in a business center.

Page No 182

·         Already decided

·         Target is to add 100 GW to solar and 75 GW OF wind by 2022

Page No 189

·         Only 2 days break president Trump Okayed TWO mega-pipeline project in USA / Canada border & south measuring thousands of km.

Page No 205

·         2016 was the hottest year in history.

·         2016 saw a water-famine in California! Water supply to homes was cut.

Page no 214

·         Donald Trump took over as US President on 20 Jan and has pledged to “revive” the “coal and oil” industries, with massive. Investments.29/01/2017.

·         In India, plant road factor of coal used power plan is expected to fall to 48% by 2022.

·         These plants become economically “Unriable”below52%.most will shut down.

 Page No 226

·         Delhi /Mumbai/ Kolkata etc. Are close to 400-500 mg/m3 now days. 02/02/2017

·         Latest solar installation at MASDAR city costs 2.59 cent /kWh. Saudi Arabiya is planning to create 41000 mw of solar by 2022.

Page No 231

In MASDAR, already dropped to 2.59 c 02/02/2017